Our Work

Mid Season Inspections

It’s that time of year! LE Irrigation is out doing routine mid season inspections for their clients. It’s great to have this service in-house, as we’re able to quickly respond to any potential issues and keep that grass looking green.

Mainline Repairs

Our irrigation team was out in Okotoks recently to perform mainline repairs on a irrigation system. Despite the site maintenance being given to a competitor, we were still called in to complete the repairs because of our ability to quickly identify and rectify issues.

Spring is here

It’s tough to see the blue sky, but warm weather is here! Hanging out at one of our airport sites, it’s great to see all the activity again.

Doing the rounds

We’re going through another round of snow, but its not all that bad…. Here’s a couple great spring cleanup photos that will make you excited for warmer weather!