Author name: Danny Goring

Spring is here

It’s tough to see the blue sky, but warm weather is here! Hanging out at one of our airport sites, it’s great to see all the activity again.

Doing the rounds

We’re going through another round of snow, but its not all that bad…. Here’s a couple great spring cleanup photos that will make you excited for warmer weather!

Spring Cleanup time!

Our crews installed an irrigation system for a front yard / back yard in Acadia. The system uses the Hunter X2 Controller head with WeatherSense to detect the best times to water and prevent overwatering. Feeder lines were installed to keep the garden beds irrigated with the proper amount of water for the shrubs and plants.

Cleaned and prepped!

The guys are busy at our shop in Foothills Industrial. Our snow brushes are finally done with their work this winter. They sure have been through it all, and now they can rest easy, all cleaned and polished, ready for the next winter season!